Saturday, January 25th



Farewell to YouTube: Alternatives in the wake of COPPA

(Barb Noren)

Information from a very invested non-lawyer about the COPPA settlement, what it means for YouTube and maker channels, and the pros and cons of various alternatives.


Phreaking Elevators

(Will Caruana)


A Mars Rover For All of Planet Earth: Story of Sawppy the Rover

(Roger Cheng)

Mars rover Curiosity captured the attention of space fans around the world. Our interplanetary robotic explorer is a tremendous achievement by NASA JPL engineers, but why should they have all the fun? Sawppy is a motorized scale rover that can be built by anyone with access to a 3D printer, handy with a soldering iron, and have $500 to spare. This is the story of Sawppy’s creation, response from people around the world to the plans published online, and future explorations.


(Emily Velasco)


Music in Resilience: The Practice of Practice

(Matt Davis)

This session juxtaposes musical improvisation and resilience in technology teams, and how we build intuition through shared experience. We will unravel the methodology around how humans come together and operate complex software systems by taking a closer look at intuition both through the eyes of performing in a music ensemble and the practice of Chaos Engineering.


23b Shop


It’s 2020, so why am I still able to use your pager traffic against you?

(Cameron Mac Millan)

Despite the domination of smartphones as today’s de facto standard method of communication, pager networks remain in use more than 40 years after the first modern pager standards were developed. This talk will discuss why that is, what the risks involved with pagers are, and give theoretical examples of how those risks can be leveraged by a hostile actor.


Hacker history – where did we come from and how did we get here?

(Dave Collins)

In this talk, academically trained historian Dave Collins will discuss hacker history. From the origins of red teaming as a military exercise in the 1970s to the early years of phone phreaking, while also looking at the rise and fall of (in)famous hacker crews – the goal of this talk is to share something about the history of hacking. From military exercises to something people did for fun, to a multi-billion dollar industry today, we will look at where the information security industry came from, in hopes of providing some lessons for the current generation of practitioners.

Making a Robot Wearable
Ever look at a Movie, and think wow that be cool to have THAT robot as a friend, or Oh it be cool if my “hat was a robot”. Then please come to my talk where I will break down the basic thoughts and trails you should think about when creating robots.

Chiptune Stage

(Producer Snafu)


(DJ Icetre Normal)


Sparklecon SMASH VII



Sunday, January 26th



Intro to Data Science


Ever been interested in Data Science and not sure where to start? In this talk I’ll cover the basic skills sets and ideas needed to get started!