Will has grown up with a passion for making things. He has done a number of high voltage projects and recently been taking in interest in information security competing in a number of different CTFs across the country. Will also helps run the car hacking village. He works bringing in the infosec and maker community to Macchina.


Helen Leigh

Helen will share how she made the MINI·MU, a DIY gesture-controlled musical instrument for children for Imogen Heap, MI·MU and Pimoroni. This talk will include insight into how she took the project from East London makerspace to proper manufacture, plus some bleeps, bloops and cool music tech from London and Berlin.


Jasmine Brackett

Jasmine runs , a marketplace where hardware creators sell their projects to a global market of electronics enthusiasts. Her background is in web design, marketing and development. Based in San Fransisco, originally from the UK; Jasmine makes, brakes, and fixes things using anything from yarn and textiles to soldering irons and power tools.


Roger Cheng

Roger is a software developer, contributing writer at Hackaday and an active member of SGVHAK, is interested in many topics around the intersection of mechanical hardware and intelligent software. Info about his projects: Sawppy the Rover, Luggable PC, and FreeNAS Box can be found on his blog .


Beau Ambur

Beau is a hardware hacker and open source enthusiast based in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may have seen them at a con near you wherever there is a hot soldering iron. Recently they've joined Kickstarter's outreach team for Design & Technology supporting creators on projects pushing the boundaries. Hobbies include flashing ESP chips and making blinky lights with MicroPython.


Dave Collins

Dave has been working in information technology for over six years. After the first four and a half years he got burned out and went back to school to earn a master's degree in history and bachelor of arts degrees in both history and philosophy. When he wasn't able to find academic work as a historian he returned to IT, transitioning to offensive security. Presently he is a security analyst for a firm in Orange County responsible for penetration testing and security awareness training.


Rig Moroi

Rig has spent her academic and professional careers learning what makes people and communities tick, what makes them break, and what fixes them. She has made it a priority to help hackers work through social concerns in order to create a happier, healthier, more collaborative community.


Robert Lei

Robert is the founder of Disconnect Camp and host of the Fireside with lei podcast, and although I've moved out of the area I still feel a part of the SoCal hacking scene and love giving back. Robert's work background is heavily tech (director of security, security researcher, security architect, NOC monkey, coder...) my passion recently has been on the soft skills, and helping the fellow community members help themselves. If you want to talk about tech life, burnout, stress, camping, or even immigrating/expatriating, then come find me!



From a BBS to the Bujinkan and from Freemasonry to the Illuminati Party at DEFCON, $KÜ££H4X0R has trained in Japan, traveled throughout the World, climbed the political ladders of multiple Secret Societies and has a passion for hacking Human Operating Systems as a Social Engineer. His greatest tool is the genuine care that he brings to any Field Operation for the “Company” the “Target” and educating both to work together to protect what is generally agreed upon by Information Security Professionals to be the weakest link in any Network...Humans.


Caroline Margaux

Caroline Margaux is the founder of a consortium of designers, engineers and artists with a common interest in wearable technology and working with unexpected and often high tech materials


Ravin Kumar

canyon289 likes learning stuff and listening to music. In his spare time hes trying to make computers smarter


John Cabrer

John Cabrer has been designing and building 3D printers in Orange County since 2009. At SparkleCon 2019, John brings his ten years of trouble shooting experience to an open forum where all the magic behind great prints will be revealed.


Dan Lozano



Gregory Smith

Greg Smith graduated from Cal State Long Beach many years ago. His first job took him to Chicagoland where he worked on a graduate degree while working at a government laboratory. After failing at the tenure game in the midwest he returned to California to work in industry. After company acquisitions and company moves out of state, Greg wound up back where he started teaching at CSULB.


Timon Marmex

Tim Trzepacz has a hard time not trying to do everything himself...
He has released two versions of a chiptune music workstation software for Nintendo DSi and 3DS called "Rhythm Core Alpha" under his company SoftEgg, and formerly worked on hit videogames in the "Ratchet & Clank", "Silent Hill", and "James Bond" series, among many others.

Pivoting to hardware, he won a residency in Supplyframe Design Lab for his "NanoEgg Music Synthesizer" project, and was a Hackaday Prize finalist for the "Stylish! Trucker Belt Buckle Synthesizer".

He is very active in the local hackerspace community, as a keyholder at 23b Shop, a board member of Mountie Makerspace and member of MAGlab in Pomona, and co-founder of the "Make Room! Make Room!" maker programming at Loscon.
He will be performing with his software "Rhythm Core Alpha 2" on our stage as "Timon Marmex".

chris copy


Dilettante Journeyman Polymath. A machine who knows how to machine.


Barb Noren

Barb Noren is an educator, general geek, and many-flavored maker who has spent her life exploring a wide variety of media -- from 3D printing to woodworking to electronics and more. As Director of Programs at reDiscover Center, a kids’ makerspace in Los Angeles, she teaches power tools to kids of all ages, develops curriculum, and runs professional development for teachers. In November of 2015, she started a YouTube channel called Barb Makes Things, where she posts a new video every Tuesday detailing unique project builds. Barb spends a lot of her free time at CRASH Space in Culver City, where she is vice president.


Ray Mosco

Raymond Mosco is a Latino American entrepreneur, producer, and technology evangelist. Mosco has held notable positions at Apple, Facebook, and Oculus during its highly publicized $3b acquisition. In 2014 he traveled the world providing over 1M initial impressions with the Oculus Rift. Since then he has guided startups and deployed immersive technology for organizations including TED, GE, Sundance, and Hulu. As a veteran of both Silicon Valley and Hollywood, Raymond serves as a conduit between entertainment and technology, focusing on how immersive technology will shape the future of storytelling.

In his limited spare time Ray enjoys designing immersive experiences and volunteers at Burning Man


Trent Wilson

Trent, a variable human swiss army knife. Jack of all trades, master of none. As you might have gathered, his background is quite diverse having been part of the hackerspace scene for much of his adult life developing his skillset wherever his interest took him. Interests that have taken him through art and design to engineering and manufacturing and even to start up a local hackerspace to share with others, lending to his diverse experience. capable and adaptable, hes able to utilize his broad knowledge base traverse any design challenge with relative ease and pickup skills on the way.

physics technician, machinist, automation engineer are amongst some of the roles hes held relevant to his talk today about one of his more regular hobbies: Combat Robots! Trent will be talking about the design and fabrication of Combat Robots you might have seen on shows such as King Of Bots (robot: Mao Wong) , or battlebots (robot: War Hawk)


Matt Davis

Matt Davis has a passion for exploring the relationship between the artistic mind and operating distributed computer architectures, drawing years of musical training into his approaches for understanding and describing complex systems. He has been both Individual Contributor and Tech Manager in a wide variety of fields involving Operations and Site Reliability Engineering, and writes about topics ranging from step-by-step tutorials and the benefits of remote work to theories about music and technology. In addition to interests in infrastructure management and chaos engineering, Matt creates music with DIY synthesizers and spins all vinyl DJ sets.


Unicorn Dream Attack

Unicorn Dream Attack has been making electronic music since 1997 and specifically chip music since the early 2000s. Now living in San Diego, UDA layers synths and electronic toy sounds, especially the Game Boy, into complicated melodies and rhythms.



jiffypop23 produces hard hitting electronic music with plenty of chiptune and samples sourced from various anime and video games.



Icetre has been DJ'ing since DEFCON 13. One of Icetre's superpowers is rearranging space and time in the process of epic party creation. He isnt always available to chat, as he may be being smuggled past hotel security for his own safety. When not digging in the crate to field a request for Freebird, Icetre is usually being asked to turn down the volume on his house and electro beats.